NTJFA Preliminary Final Results and GF Game Times

August 27, 2014

The Preliminary Finals of the NTJFA were held down at Windsor Park on the weekend with 3 out of our 5 sides competing.

There were some thrilling games through-out the entire day and congratulations to our 3 junior sides who competed, as they all progressed to the Grand Final, joining our Under 16’s side next weekend at Aurora Stadium.

Under 16’s

Through to the Grand Final.

Under 15’s

Knocked out in 1st Semi Final

Under 14’s -Preliminary Final

Launceston 6.4.40 d Longford 5.7.37

Goals: T.Clark 3, E.Conway 2, B.Couch
Bests: M.Hunt, J.Tuthill, T.Miller, T.Maddock, E.Conway, B.Couch

Goals: D.Berry 2, C.Jones, P.Morehouse, C.Viney
Bests: D.Grubb, B.Neil, J.Williams, W.Jones, E.Dickenson, W.Murfett

Under 13’s – Preliminary Final

Launceston 3.4.22 d Prospect 0.6.6

Goals: R.Filgate, C.Riethoff, C.Illingworth
Bests: L.Walsh, J.Curran, C.Riethoff, R.Filgate, O.Ketchell, J.Bailey

Bests: J.Weeding, L.Matson-Jones, T.McShane, I.Nicholson, B.Reardon, J.Talbot

Under 12’s – Preliminary Final

Launceston 5.2.32 d Longford 3.5.23

Goals: O.Reid, T.Geale, N.Latham, J.Simpson, B.Gillow
Bests: O.Reid, B.Hyatt, N.Hill, O.Jones, A.Blackaby, D.Nicholas

Goals: O.Chugg, A.Taylor, T.Cross
Bests: O.Chugg, A.Taylor, T.Cross, L.Bowerman, Z.Connell, I.Chugg

NTJFA – Grand Finals (at Aurora Stadium)

Sunday 31st August 2014

Under 12’s

Launceston v South Launceston
Aurora Stadium – 9:30am

Under 13’s

Launceston v Longford
Aurora Stadium – 10:55am

Under 14’s

Launceston v North Launceston
Aurora Stadium – 12:40pm

Under 15’s

South Launceston v North Launceston
Aurora Stadium – 2:25pm

Under 16’s

Launceston v East Launceston
Aurora Stadium – 4:20pm