Athol Cooper

May 10, 2016

(Inductee No. 172)

  • Committee, Launceston, 1939-83, including periods as Treasurer, Chairman and Player Advocate
  • Delegate, NTFA, 1939-81
  • Match Manager, Launceston and NTFA
  • NTFA committee member for reformation of league post Second World War and formation of the 3rds competition in mid-1950s
  • Member, Australian National Football Council, including roles on Tasmanian standing committees and councils
  • Team official for Tasmania in South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria
  • Match Manager, Tasmania vs. Victoria, 1960
  • Life member, Launceston, 1951
  • Life member, NTFA, 1948
  • Certificate of Merit, NTFA, 1980
  • National Football League Merit Award, 1967
  • Selector, Launceston, 1945-2000

Athol Cooper’s administrative achievements at club, regional and state level are legion. His lifetime devotion to the game has been recognised at the highest level and his service to Launceston Football Club has no peer. Starting at a time when Launceston dominated football at a state level in the 1930s, Cooper has been at the forefront of the game through all its major changes in the Twentieth Century. His contribution stands as a beacon for those whose vocational strength is the administration of the game. – taken from