Hayley Whyte Perpetual Award

Hayley Whyte Perpetual Award: Celebrating loyalty and dedication.

Introduced in 2023, the Hayley Whyte Perpetual Award stands as a shining testament to unwavering commitment, loyalty and passion to the Launceston Football Club. Named in honour of Hayley Whyte, who has devoted an astounding 12 years of her life to this club. This prestigious award epitomizes the enduring spirit of dedication and perseverance.

Background: Hayley Whyte’s extraordinary journey in the world of sports is one or the ages. At the age of 14, she not only showcased exceptional talent but also became the living embodiment of loyalty. For 12 consecutive years, Hayley has proudly worn the club’s colours, giving her heart and soul to the sport, her teammates, and the community. Her relentless commitment, unwavering dedication, and remarkable sportsmanship became an inspiration to all who have had the privilege of witnessing her career.

The Hayley Whyte Perpetual Award: A symbol of excellence. The Hayley Whyte Perpetual Award is more than just an accolade; it is a symbol of excellence and an embodiment of what it means to be a true sporting legend. It celebrates those individuals who have commitment their lives to a single club, exemplifying unwavering loyalty and outstanding performance throughout their careers.

Criteria: To be eligible for the Hayley Whyte Perpetual Award, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be involved with the female portion of the Launceston Football Club as a player, coach or volunteer.
  2. Demonstrate exceptional sportsmanship, fair play and commitment.
  3. Exhibit consistent dedication and loyalty to the club.
  4. Make significant contributions to the club’s success and community involvement.

The Legacy of Hayley Whyte: Hayley Whyte’s legacy extends far beyond her 12-year tenure with her club. Her commitment to her team, her community, and the sport itself, serves as a guiding light for aspiring athletes and a reminder of the enduring power of deduction. The Hayley Whyte Perpetual Award pays tribute to her extraordinary journey and inspires others to follow in her footsteps.

Conclusion: The Hayley Whyte Perpetual Award stands as a beacon of unwavering loyalty and dedication in the world of female football. It is a testament to the remarkable careers of those who dedicate themselves to a single club and leave an indelible mark on the sporting world. As Hayley Whyte herself exemplified, it is not just about the wins and losses but the enduring commitment and love for the game that truly make a sporting legend.

2023 – Kim Hill