Launceston FC Juniors – Round 1 Review

April 9, 2014


What a successful start to Season 2014 for Launceston Juniors with four out of five wins.  We hosted the North Launceston Junior Football Club with games from U12’s to U16’s.  The weather was really warm and provided us with good conditions for the start of the season.  All five games of footy were of great quality, with good sportsmanship being shown and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.  It was really encouraging and good to see our Junior Development Officer Brennan Savage and his baby daughter Poppy drop in to check out the games.  Well done to everyone involved with managing the day and to our Coaches for preparing their teams for Round 1.

– Jan Sheppard (Secretary)

Under 12’s:

Launceston 5.11.(41) d North Launceston 1.2.(8)

Goalkickers: O.Jones, O.Reid, L.Mudge, L.Walker, A.Blackaby
Best Players: O.Jones, M.Foulkes, B.Gillow, O.Reid, L.Mudge, J.Schouten

Match Report: Our Under 12’s had a great start to the season, playing their first game on the big ground and with a strong win.

Under 13’s:

Launceston 10.5.(65) d North Launceston 2.1.(13)

Goalkickers: C.Riethoff 2, J.Goodyer 2, K.Sherriff 2, S.Partridge, N.Homan, J.Hennessy, J.Walker-Russell
Best Players: J.Towns, J.Goodyer, J.Curran, L.Walsh, T.Lucas, K.Sherriff

Match Report: Our Under 13’s had a good start with a strong win, this team was ready to play.

Under 14’s:

Launceston 0.2.(2) def by North Launceston 12.8.(80)

Goalkickers: –
Best Players: T.Miller, J.Boyd, J.Tuthill, M.Hodge, B.Templar, C.Curtis

Match Report: Our Under 14’s battled hard and kept on trying but unfortunately didn’t get the result they were after, good thing about footy is that a weeks a long time in footy and I’m sure they will bounce back ready for this week.

Under 15’s:

Launceston 12.4.(76) d North Launceston 9.11.(65)

Goalkickers: J.Gillow 4, C.Brown 3, C.Smith 2, N.Van Der Spek 2, C.Woods
Best Players: J.Gillow, D.Sloane, C.Walker-Russell, B.Walsh, E.Loone, N.Van Der Spek

Match Report: This was a great game of footy, with our Under 15’s starting well but were trailing by 13 points after North came back at them. Our team managed to get back in front after also trailing by 6 points at the final break and hang on, was a close finish with Launceston coming out on top.

Under 16’s:

Launceston 9.12.(66) d North Launceston 5.6.(36)

Goalkickers: S.VanderVelde 2, S.Heritage, O.Wood, Z.Foulkes, J.Booth, R.Reid, K.McMahon, K.Thompson
Best Players: C.Claridge, J.Booth, R.Reid, T.Jordan, J.DeBruyn, P.Kanu

Match Report: This team is missing a few regular players with being away on World Challenge and injuries however, has managed to pick up some new players which are fitting in well.  As the game went on the boys really gelled well together and played some good footy.  Matters got a bit heated at one stage but our guys managed to keep cool heads and came out on top with the win.