LFC Academy

The LFC Academy was set-up to help develop our most talented Launceston FC juniors and give them the highest chance possible of being drafted to the AFL. The Launceston Football Club currently have 5 ex-juniors on AFL lists, with 7 having been drafted over the last 10 years, the highest of any Tasmanian club.

The program is based around 4 key principle areas: skill, education, fitness/diet, injury prevention and sessions are conducted by our senior coaching staff, current selected senior players and past Launceston FC champions.

Talent is identified by two separate bodies – the Launceston Football Club and AFL Tasmania. Players in the state academy programs are automatic inclusions into the LFC academy, whilst we also hand pick selected juniors outside the state academy programs from within the club itself, to be included.

Current Players in the LFC Mens Academy (All Devils):

  • Jaydo Hinds
  • Jarrod Dakin
  • Bailey Gillow
  • Isaac Chugg
  • Connor Neil
  • Alex Davies
  • Jack Colgrave
  • Tony Aganas
  • Denzel McLean
  • Cody Jones
  • Sammy Sherriff
  • Zac Morris
  • Kye Chilcott
  • Sam Foley
  • Jett Maloney
  • Aidan Williams
  • John Hutchison
  • Liam Canny
  • Oli Gibson
  • Harry Bayles
  • Sam Artis
  • Jeremiah Griffiths
  • Josh Gillow
  • Khai Lunson

Current Players in the LFC Womens Academy:

  • Daria Bannister (NMFC)
  • Abbey Green (NMFC)
  • Mia King (NMFC)
  • Chloe Haines (NMFC)
  • Libby Haines (NMFC)
  • Kelsie Hill (Devils)
  • Camilla Taylor (Devils)
  • Aprille Crooks (Devils)
  • Ebonie Agostini (Devils)
  • Phoebe Ketchell (Devils)
  • Kiara Mills (Devils)

Players Drafted from the Launceston Football Club can be found HERE