Early Injury Hurts Blues Against Magpies

April 19, 2015

Round 3

Saturday – 18th April 2015
Windsor Park

Tasmanian State League: Launceston v Devonport
Development League: Launceston v Western Storm

Tasmanian State League

We came up against a very switched on Devonport side and had little answers when the game was in the balance.

Joe Boyce did a marvellous job on Kade Pitchford and we have some solid contributions from Corey Sheppard, Sam Rundle, Zac Oldenhof, Michael Musicka, Jake Smith but the Magpies were just too good throughout the day and converted their chances early when they had them to put scoreboard pressure on us from the 1st quarter.

We lost Tim Gibbons early in the day to an ankle, which hurt our rotations and certainly didn’t help proceedings after last week’s battle with the Storm.

Devonport                   14.10.94
Launceston                  8.10.58

Devonport: A. McNab 5, N. Pearce 2, K. Heazlewood, B. Hawkes, K. Pitchford, B. Sharman, T. Gavralas, B. Deverell, L. Keep
Launceston: J. Rice 3, M. Musicka 3, J. Boyce, S. Rundle

Devonport: A. McNab, B. Sharman, B. Symmons, K. Heazlewood, B. Sharman, B. Deverell
Launceston: J. Boyce, C. Sheppard, S. Rundle, Z. Oldenhof, M. Musicka, J. Smith


Development League

Western Storm                 15.10.100
Launceston                        4.11.35

Western Storm: J. Knight 4, M. Allen 3, H. Smith 2, B. Robinson 2, S. Lee, D. Jones, D. Bell, J. Medwin-Smith
Launceston: W. Edmunds 2, J. Hinds, C. Murfett

Western Storm: S. Lee, J. James, C. Young, H. Smith, B. Arkless, C. Walker
Launceston: J. Hinds, C. Murfett, R. Petterwood, R. Tyrrell, J. Tyrrell, J. Partridge