Launceston Home In A Thriller

May 25, 2015

Round 7

Saturday – 23rd May 2015
Windsor Park

Tasmanian State League: Launceston v Lauderdale
Development League: Launceston v Lauderdale

Tasmanian State League

We kicked off the day by celebrating our 140th birthday as a Football Club with a Presidents Luncheon with special guests Scott Wade, Barry Gibson, Shaun Young as well as numerous past players and legends of this club also in attendance. We also awarded Life Membership to Adam Derbyshire and Cale O’Keefe, for all of their fantastic contributions, on and off the field, to this great football club.

Also today, we celebrated with Brennan Savage, Sonny Whiting and Joe Boyce, who each played their 100th game in the Dark Navy Blue.

In what was a historic day for the club off field, the Blues certainly didn’t disappoint on field, upsetting 3rd placed Lauderdale by 2 points to get back on the winners list after a tough few weeks.

Sonny Whiting returned to the side for the first time since Round 2 (v Storm), bagging 8 goals to lead the competition for the round, but it was the Jake’s, with Jake Smith and Jake Hinds having fantastic games for the Blues, working hard all day and kicking and setting up some crucial goals in the 4th quarter.

But it was a team effort, as the Blues worked hard for each other all day, giving themselves every chance for a result and to kick off the 140th celebrations even further. Go Blues.

Launceston              15.11.101
Lauderdale               15.9.99

Launceston: S. Whiting 8, J. Hinds 3, W. Edmunds 1, J. Smith 1, M. Musicka 1, H. Leedham 1
Lauderdale: T. Boscott 3, A. Woodhead 2, A. Hevey 2, M. Cassidy 2, R. McManus, P. Bellchambers, B. Halton, N. Dodge, J. Siggins, R. Sutton

Launceston: J. Smith, J. Hinds, B. Pitcher, S. Whiting, J. Harris, B. Savage
Lauderdale: M. Smith, R. McManus, A. Hill, Z. Plant


Development League

Lauderdale                 24.28.172
Launceston                 4.2.26

Lauderdale: B. Pace 4, E. Stanley 4, J. Roberts 3, B. Elmer 2, S. Adams 2, T. Havea, S. Watson, J. Lord, C. Burridge, S. MacKay, C. Hooker, D. Johns, D. Paul, I. Franks
Launceston: J. Morgan, B. Sullivan, A. Quill, J. Edmunds

Lauderdale: E. Stanley, R. Hill, T. Havea, S. Watson, N. Sullivan, C. Burridge
Launceston: J. Partridge, L. Williams, R. Petterwood, A. Quill, J. Griffiths, J. Booth