RD 5: Launceston 12.27.99 d Tigers 5.4.34

May 10, 2014



Launceston 12.27.99 d Tigers 5.4.34

Goal Kickers (Launceston): C. Downie 2, J. Boyce 2, J. Smith 2, C. Sheppard , B. Pitcher , T. Cleary , J. Bonney , R. Sergeant , J. Dyer
Goal Kickers (Tigers): B. Adams 2, J. Gates , L. Graham , T. Peterson

Bests (Launceston): C. Sheppard, B. Green, C. Downie, J. Groenewegen, Z. Oldenhof, T. Cleary
Bests (Tigers): T. Peterson, J. Lovell, B. Adams, A. Golding, B. Batchelor, M. Booth

Match Report:

The Blues got back on the winners list today with an emphatic win over the Tigers. Despite controlling the game , having 180 more possessions and 30 more scoring shots, The Blues were not able have the big win we so much need to get our percentage up to where it should be. The win did show that our desire, talent and fitness are all definitely there but we need to concentrate for a full 100 minutes and work on our accuracy around goal. Corey Sheppard was outstanding with 39 touches and supported well by Beau Green, Tom Cleary, Tom Claridge, Jake Smith and Zac Oldenhof .

We now look forward to next Saturdays clash with Devonport at Devonport to continue our drive for the Top 5.

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Development League

Launceston 16.14.110 d Tigers 3.1.19

Goal Kickers (Launceston): R. Lawrence 3, J. Duffy 2, I. Grynglas 2, J. Wright 2, N. Zanetto , J. Seabourne , J. Kerrison , R. Petterwood , L. Hansen , J. Donnellan , Z. Rundle
Goal Kickers (Tigers): S. Martyn 2, J. Bones

Bests (Launceston): C. Verhulst, J. Kerrison, N. Zanetto, Z. Towns, M. Robertson, I. Grynglas
Bests (Tigers): D. McAully, J. Coombes, J. Cooper, S. Whitney, J. Press, L. Street

Match Report:

“Good win, coach happy” – Darrin Geard 2014

Under 18′s

Launceston 9.8.62 d Sandy Bay 4.16.40

Goal Kickers (Launceston): J. Narkowicz 6, J. Seabourne , Z. Kilby , J. Thomas
Goal Kickers (Sandy Bay): J. Bilson 2, J. Suridge , J. Higginbotham

Bests (Launceston): J. Shennan, J. Bott, R. Sheppard, J. Woolley, S. Rawlings, J. Narkowicz
Bests (Sandy Bay): D. Bradshaw, J. Bilson, N. Ryan-Bisas, R. Witte, J. Suridge, H. Dudgeon

Match Report:


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