RD7: Launceston 12.7.79 def by Burnie 19.12.126

May 24, 2014


  • Under 18’s play Sunday at Campbell Town.


Launceston 12.7.79 def by Burnie 19.12.126

Goal Kickers (Launceston): S. Rundle 3, S. Stephens 2, J. Harris 2, J. Boyce , C. Evans , B. Savage , H. Leedham , C. Downie
Goal Kickers (Burnie): A. Lee 4, H. Walters 3, L. Shackleton 2, C. Riley 2, D. Banham 2, S. Newson , J. Dowling , K. Harman , B. Milverton , J. Laycock , R. Barrett

Bests (Launceston): E. Izbiki, S. Rundle, J. Smith, C. Sheppard, J. Groenewegen, C. Downie
Bests (Burnie): D. Banham, H. Walters, N. Walters, A. Viney, A. Lee, K. Harman

Match Report:

In what was always going to be a challenge today, we’ve battled hard but still gone down to the Dockers by 47 points.

We can certainly match it against the top sides as the talent is definitely there, but the 5-10 minute lapses during games hurts us heavily on the scoreboard.

Much to the Blues credit today, they battled till the final siren, kicking 6 goals in the final quarter with Sam Rundle pushing forward snagging 3 to lead the Blues goal kickers.

Eric Izbiki was fantastic today, moving onto Andrew Lee and keeping him fairly quiet after he kicked a few goals early in the game. Joe Groenewegen, Jake Smith and Corey Sheppard were everywhere once again and Cameron “Libba” Downie posting another game high in tackles with 14.

Coach Scott Stephens (26 touches) who was brilliant all day as were Tom Claridge, Thomas Sheppard and Joe Boyce whom all battled throughout the day and can definitely take a lot from today’s game.

MASSIVE weekend next weekend vs arch rivals North Launceston at Windsor Park. Plenty happening at the club that day so make sure you keep the day free as it will surely be a fantastic day.

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Development League

Launceston 16.17.113 d Burnie 5.4.34

Goal Kickers (Launceston): Z. Oldenhof 5, J. Wright 3, B. Demeijer 2, Z. Griffiths 2, K. Brugeaud , D. Pinner , Z. Kilby , Z. Rundle
Goal Kickers (Burnie): A. Bacon 2, N. Rolls , I. Plant , S. McDougall

Bests (Launceston): D. Pinner, C. Verhulst, N. Zanetto, Z. Oldenhof, B. Demeijer, J. Wright
Bests (Burnie): S. Flint, L. Ford, J. Cox, L. Sartori, J. James, M. Heald

Match Report:


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