RD4: Launceston 10.5.65 def by Clarence 20.16.136

May 4, 2014



Launceston 10.5.65 def by Clarence 20.16.136

Goal Kickers (Launceston): J. Dyer 2, J. Groenewegen , S. Stephens , J. Bonney , Z. Oldenhof , B. Pitcher , R. Sergeant , J. Boyce , S. Rundle
Goal Kickers (Clarence): J. Charlesworth 4, L. Sullivan 2, J. Fox 2, T. Standen 2, W. Wall 2, A. French 2, B. Jones 2, R. De Groot , G. Chambers , J. Wylie , M. Bond

Bests (Launceston): J. Dyer, T. Cleary, Z. Oldenhof, J. Smith, J. Groenewegen, J. Rice
Bests (Clarence): G. Chambers, C. Mitchell, T. Standen, J. Bailey, B. Jones, T. Castle

Match Report:

We went down in wet and windy conditions to a very slick and experienced Clarence side. The guys put in a much more sustained effort than last week and should come away from the game having learnt a lot and being pleased with certain patches of the game.

There has been lots of promise shown from our youngsters over the start of the season, today was no exception with Jack Dyer, Zac Oldenhof, Jake Smith, Jake Rice and co. making very solid contributions to the side.

The side was without the services of Beau Green (work), Tom Holmes (paradise), Joe Krushka (injury) and Brennan Savage (general soreness). We should regain most for the very important home game vs the Tigers at home next weekend.

Development League

Launceston 5.4.34 def by Lauderdale 26.7.163

Goal Kickers (Launceston): R. Lawrence 3, J. Youd , C. Verhulst
Goal Kickers (Clarence): E. Stanley 7, M. Blackburn 4, J. Gleeson 4, K. Palmer-Hughes 2, D. Reimers 2, J. Harper 2, H. Taylor , A. Jones , S. Williams , B. Fazackerley , B. Ling

Bests (Launceston): J. Donnellan, Z. Towns, L. Bonney, J. Griffiths, R. Lawrence, S. Killalea
Bests (Clarence): J. Harper, J. Gleeson, E. Stanley, M. Blackburn, N. Raglione, K. Bailey

Under 18′s

Launceston 12.8.80 d Clarence 7.7.49

Goal Kickers (Launceston): Z. Kilby 7, E. Smith , J. Larissey , J. Seabourne , J. Bott , B. Willes
Goal Kickers (Clarence): N/A

Bests (Launceston): A. Jones, J. Woolley, B. Willes, A. Cresswell, R. Petterwood, Z. Kilby
Bests (Clarence): N/A

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