Launceston 13.7.85 - 15.9.99 Devonport

April 17, 2016 - 2:00 pm at Windsor Park
  • Tasmanian State League
  • Development League
  • Under 18
  • Photo Gallery

Devonport 15.9.99
Launceston 13.7.85

At Windsor Park
Sunday, 17th April 2016

Close but no cigar! We’ve battled bravely but have gone down by 14 points to a very strong Devonport side in front of a solid crowd, including many of our 1976, 1986 & 2006 Premiership Players who had their reunion luncheon today.

Congratulations to Daniel Sellers who made his senior debut in the Navy Blue!

Goals: Whiting 4, Sellers 2, Nunn 2, Rundle, Blackberry, Bellchambers, Palfreyman, Taylor
Bests: Nunn, Oldenhof, Smith, Rundle, Sellers, Palfreyman

Milestones: Daniel Sellers (Debut)

Launceston 12.14.86
Tigers 8.4.52

At Windsor Park
Sunday, 17th April 2016

Goals: Rice 3, Hinds 2, Jones 2, W.Edmunds 2, R.Tyrrell, Ashlin, Brown
Bests: Vandervelde, Rice, Hinds, Jones, Cooper, Auckland

Tigers 16.13.109
Launceston 1.1.7

At Windsor Park
Sunday, 17th April 2016

Goals: Camplin
Bests: Nicholson, Boyd, Wright, Dekker, Ju. Edmunds, Couch